About Us

Waikiki Market is operated by Food Pantry, Ltd, a locally-owned company founded by entrepreneur and businessman Maurice J. “Sully” Sullivan to serve the growing number of visitors and residents in Waikiki. The company opened its first store, “Food Pantry,” in the same location as Waikiki Market in 1960, and the market served the community for nearly 60 years before closing in 2019 for the construction of Lilia Waikiki.

Today, Food Pantry employs approximately 400 employees and operates more than 40 market, convenience, hotel gift and apparel stores across Hawaii and on the mainland. Stores include Whaler’s General Store, Lamonts Gift & Sundry Shops, Accents, Holoholo Café and Market, Ku‘ai Market, Napili Market and the new Waikiki Market. The company has a rich history of innovation, service and retail management expertise that have helped it to grow and thrive for more than 60 years. 

Shoppers 1960s
Store shelves Waikiki Food Pantry
Food Pantry Waikiki Exterior