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Assorted Mochi Platter, 2.85 Pound, $34.49

<b>Serves:</b> 12-14<br> <b>Size:</b> 25 pieces<br><br> A variety of daifuku and chichi dango mochi.

Assorted Mochi Platter, 2.85 Pound
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Assorted Mochi Platter, 2.85 PoundOpen product description

Cake Roll Platter, 27 Ounce, $19.79

<b>Serves:</b> 10-12<br> <b>Size:</b> 16 pieces<br><br> A variety of creme filled Chocolate, Red Velvet, Carrot, and Strawberry rolled cakes.

Cake Roll Platter, 27 Ounce
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Cake Roll Platter, 27 OunceOpen product description

Rice Krispies Treats Platter, 1 Each, $18.69

<b>Serves:</b> 14-16<br> <b>Size:</b> 24 pieces<br><br> Share a sweet treat! Our Rice Krispies Treats are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Rice Krispies Treats Platter, 1 Each
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Rice Krispies Treats Platter, 1 EachOpen product description